The Bayswater & Beyond Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its partnership with Whizzl: a tech start-up that has launched recently in Australia and is making a difference to how business owners communicate with their customers in an attempt to keep everybody safe and informed in these troubling times of Covid-19.

The plan is to use Whizzl as a platform to interact with the community in real time. The technology has been recently awarded by Microsoft as a premium start-up for its innovative features, which are now put into action to make a difference.

In these moments, you never know who could be carrying the virus, who could be sick and who is not either of the above.  

In the fight against Coronavirus, one way business owners in the Bayswater area can provide outstanding service to their customers is by offering each person the opportunity to register on the Visitor Management System (VMS) within the Whizzl app, for their own safety. 

Especially in light of recent Government announcements leading to the closure of pubs, clubs, sporting and religious venues (as one way of containing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic), restaurants, and cafes offering takeaway services and shops in general, can offer to register their visiting customers as a special service in light of the contagion. In the event for example, that another customer (who’s also previously visited the same premises) or staff member, ends up testing positive for Covid-19, the relevant business owner(s) can contact the Chamber to advise them.  

The Chamber then in turn can directly notify all people registered on their Chamber VMS within Whizzl, so these customers can take further precautions like getting tested and self-isolating, to protect their own health and that of their community.  This process aids in tracking the people inadvertently affected by an infected shopper, effectively.

It’s always the visitors’ choice whether or not they want to register with the various merchants using the Whizzl app, but in the event of an emergency, they’ll be among the first to know.  

Visitor Management Systems are expensive and most smaller businesses don’t have the means to purchase them, let alone learn how to use them in these stressful times.  The Bayswater and Beyond Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Whizzl, to provide this service for its members free-of-charge.  And using the app is really straightforward and easy-to-learn.

Here’s how the Bayswater and Beyond Chamber of Commerce plans to use Whizzl for member management in the short term during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Local business owners and their service management team members in and around Bayswater download the Whizzl app onto their business or personal devices, and join the Chamber public community. The aim is to onboard as many businesses and residents as possible for better communication between all parties.
  2. Once community membership is approved, the business owner clicks on ‘BVMS application’ and fills out the form.         
  3. Business managers and employees offer each customer, guest or client, free registration on the business’ VMS in the Whizzl app, with a simple QR code to scan with their mobile phones.
  4. In the event that the business owner is advised of a customer or staff member who’s tested positive for Covid-19, then they communicate this to the Chamber.
  5. The Chamber communicates this via private Direct Message to all visitors that have been registered at that specific place.
  6. That positively-tested person’s name remains anonymous to the Chamber and anyone else.
  7. All community members are then able to act immediately to take further precautionary steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by getting tested and self-isolating.
  8. As an added bonus, businesses can each indicate their opening hours and availability to the public by giving daily updates to the Chamber’s community on Whizzl.
  9. We invite each restaurant, pub or supermarket that provides food to participate in the new #food4u campaign. Post your opening hours and other updates daily in your local area/community in the Whizzl app, e. g. Bayswater or tag your own place.
  10. Residents can also participate in the same way by letting others know shops that are open or take-away places they find. They can post photos using the Whizzl in-built camera and click on #food4u.  This technology allows each photo to be geo-tagged, which then connects to an online map showing the business’ actual location, verified in real time. Everyone can find shops, restaurants etc and navigate straight there. 

In this way, the Bayswater & Beyond Chamber of Commerce together with Whizzl, are creating a better local business community by providing necessary and people-safety-driven information to all of their members.

In addition to this, the Chamber in partnership with Whizzl, are able to support businesses to:

  • push out official announcements, promotions and events 
  • send out surveys to help build relationships with their target audience, with 100% community reach
  • manage members’ feedback and prioritise actions based on strategic analyses
  • showcase their products and services and opening hours on a daily basis, to a collective community

It’s about the Chamber of Commerce and Whizzl helping business owners and shoppers/customers in Baywater and beyond, both during these troubled times, but also all the time: co-creating a rich and connected people-centred community. 

Join the Chamber of Commerce (Bayswater & Beyond) public community today on Whizzl. 

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