About Us
OUR VISION, Whizzl's mobile app aims to uplift, improve city spaces and community management, utilising innovative technology to foster a new sense of belonging in an increasingly interconnected world., By leveraging smart city technology, Whizzl will empower citizens and their communities to make a positive impact on living conditions and quality of life for all., OUR MISSION, Whizzl uses emerging technology to connect citizens, business owners and service providers to engage in reliable and meaningful communication in the maintenance of our respective communities and spaces where we live, work and play.

Dato' William Chan

Co-Founder & Chairman

Ken Wong

Co-Founder & CEO

Albert Leong


Francis Hor


Julia Buchholz


Elaine Lee

VP of Finance

Xiu Yin Koh

PA to Chairman

Robben Theng

Manager, Business Development

Joan Lee

Manager, Marketing

Keng Yong Yap

Assistant Manager, BD

Chek Yin Lee

Executive, BD

Sze Ching Yeow

Executive, Marketing

Abheeti Kathryn Pass

Editor, Copywriter & Blogger

Johnny Swanepoel

Community Manager (Australia)

Satish Reddy

Software Developer Manager

Gattu Dharani

Senior Back End Developer

Rajesh Raachabattuni

Senior Blockchain Developer

Syed Muzani

Senior Mobile Developer

Zulfaqar Zahri

Front End Developer

Liew Yi

Software Developer

Leo Armand Karyadi

Multimedia Designer

Vky Lau

Field Engineer

·· OUR TEAM ··

Craig White

Strategic Business Development

Iannis Hanen

Infrastructure Specialist

Melvin Tan Wei Yang


Siew Kim Chok

Corporate Finance

Inshic Moon

Business Development,

Korea & Japan


Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.

Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.