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Make Your City Better
Make Your City Better
Future Smart Cities Will Be
Data-Driven & Shaped By Their Citizens
Future Smart City Will Be
Data-Driven & Shaped By Their Citizens
Future Smart City Will Be
Data-Driven & Shaped By Their Citizens
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What Whizzl Delivers to You:

Universal Social Feedback Platform

A universal platform which makes it easy for citizens’ voices to be heard.

Transparent Feedback Flow

Other users can validate and comment on the issue. All communication is transparent.

Service Marketplace

Property Owner initiates market activity by appointing nearby Service Provider immediately.

Accountable Reputation

Each participant may establish reputation based on their behaviors and contributions.

Instant Notification & Response

Property Owner gets instant notification and response to the issue quickly.

Accessible Insight Data

To provide collected up-to-date data and analysis for Business Owner / Management’s decision-making.

Benefits to Whizzl Participants:


+ Get their voices heard

+ Easy way to feedback

+ Track status of progress

+ Easy to search feedback

+ View past similar history

+ Pay utility bills easily

+ Earn a living

+ Spread awareness

+ Better their environment

Property Managers

+ Get instant notification

+ Repair and upkeep quickly

+ Interact with citizens

+ Access to insight data

+ Find quality workers

+ Establish reputation

+ Online to Offline Marketing

+ Save time & cost

+ Increase revenue

Service Providers

+ Instant response

+ Acquire new customers

+ Earn more income

+ Secure payments

+ Establish reputation

+ Get advertised

+ Online to Offline Marketing

+ Enhance efficiency

+ Reduce downtime & cost

The Why:

The need for property repair and upkeep
is visible throughout the city, yet -

There are no easy ways for issues to be reported and acted upon.

Challenges Faced:

The Solution:

A Location-Based Social Feedback Platform

Turns Negative Into Positive




1. A decentralized, blockchain-based app (dApp) utilizing tokens to incentivize active citizenry and marketplace behavior.

2. A comment or feedback submitted by a user within the Whizzl app.

The How:

Step 1:

Sign Up & Log In.

Step 2:

To Create a New Feedback, Start by Scanning QR Code.

Step 3:

Or, Write Post With the Ability to Upload Photo/Video, Select Post Type, Place/Community, Category, Feeling and the Option to Share Your Feedback on Social Media.

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