My name is Tung, and I am the Regional Quality Manager of Sonoco Products Malaysia. Sonoco is the food packaging producer, manufacture composite canister for some well-known customer like Pringles, Jacker, Mamee, Bhavani etc.


I am also the Covid-19 Committee team leader for Sonoco Malaysia. As known we are required to check worker body temperature before they enter the plant and the temperature needs to be recorded for authority audit purpose.


We have been struggled at the beginning because the record was so manual, with so many problem and errors found at that time. We are also unable to do the compilation and d the sorting on data because everything was on the book.


The whole thing changed when Whizzl came in to our “life”, where they introduced the 2D bar code scanning system to us. The worker can now scan their body temp and record it into the system from Whizzl. The whole process takes only within seconds.


The biggest impact would be to the management team, because we are now able to download the data and perform any kind of checking, sorting to the data. We no longer have to guess with the writing from workers, everything so organize and easy for us to show to authority if required.


Overall, we are happy with the system offered from Whizzl and more importantly it save so much of our time since implementation. Thank you Whizzl.


Tung, Boon Fong
Regional Quality Manager
Sonoco Products – Consumer Asia/Africa

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