Whizzl has been really proactive in creating features to help people within communities deal with self-isolation due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

One of these recently-added special features on the Whizzl app is the Hot Button: #food4u.

Whizzl app users can find just what they need, and business owners can increase the patronage to their establishments, even with trading restrictions due to COVID-19 self-isolating regulations.

There are three different ways this feature can help the community:

Firstly, here’s how it works if you’re looking for a shop or restaurant in your area:

  1. Download Whizzl (if you haven’t already)
  2. Go into Whizzl and click on Me
  3. You’ll see some Hot Buttons appear, one of them is #food4u
  4. Click on that and see the map appear with pin drops of all places open for daily essentials or takeaway foods
  5. Click on the pin that is best for you and you’ll see a pop-up appear with details of when the information was posted – click on More
  6. Now a photo and a description of the merchant selling essentials and/or foods will appear
  7. Click on the geo-tagged photo and you’ll be taken directly to Google Maps with directions on how to get there


You can see on maps in your community areas, which establishments are open with daily essentials like toilet paper, face masks and medicines, as well as where food and takeaways are being sold. Basically whatever people or vendors post and promote, that’s what you find on the map…

Whizzl users can easily access these merchants in their own region, without having to visit many different shops, and having to ask around while meeting with higher numbers of people.  It becomes an efficient use of your time, but even more importantly, means that the likelihood of viral contagion is greatly reduced since you don’t need to visit many places and interact with lots of staff members at each location, in order to find what you need.

By being able to access a map within their communities using the Whizzl app, they can find those food outlets, supermarkets and other venders a lot more quickly, making life easier for all in these trying times.

Secondly, vendors and businesses (including food trucks and similar) themselves can post their opening hours and product availability in their local communities so that customers know they’re open for business.

Having business owners and/ or their staff be proactive by posting daily when they’re open, what their specials are for example, and what they’re offering as a take-away menu etc, not only updates their daily status in the local area, but also attracts more customers (and sales) to their doors.

(Eventually businesses can also start developing their own loyal community groups since people relate to businesses providing excellent value and ongoing communication in a time of great uncertainty. Once a business has developed this positive audience, their future posts will have 100% community audience reach – an outstanding market differentiator that Whizzl has compared to all other social platforms.)

The main point of #food4u however is to create an instantaneous interactive map showing their hours, menus, food availability or whatever they want to post and promote, so as to generate more incoming traffic to their businesses.

By taking a geo-tagged photo using the Whizzl camera, and posting it with the #food4u hashtag in their posts, everyone can find these businesses on the Whizzl map.  The more businesses do this, the more customers are driven to their doors.

Similarly and lastly, as community members, you can also post about local favourite businesses, letting others in your area know what’s open and when.

You simply:

  • Open the Whizzl app
  • Create a post
  • Choose a place
  • Take a photo with the Whizzl camera in the app
  • Write an explanation (don’t forget to click on #food4u)
  • Post!


In this way, you support your local businesses to stay afloat in these tough times, indicating what shops, cafes and other food outlets are open and what they have to offer.

The more everyone pumps businesses using the Whizzl app #food4u tag in their posts (which end up being attached automatically to local maps), the more customers will be able to access and support those businesses.  If no-one posts, then no-one gets the benefit.  Make sense?

These different groups: local customers and businesses, are able to actively support each other, using Whizzl technology (featuring geo-tagging in the Whizzl camera).

Whizzl is helping create healthier, more connected and service-oriented communities.

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