Having served for more than 120 years in more than 85 nations with 330+ global plants, Sonoco is a global leader in packaging solutions, manufacturing composite cans, flexible packaging, paper tubes and cores in Asia. Currently, they have plants in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Taiwan and South Africa.

In the wake of Covid SOPs guidelines proposed by the authorities, Sonoco Malaysia was looking for a solution to digitalize their staff & visitors entry management system. A solution that can help them to monitor their staff and visitors, record their standard entry requirements and generate reports quickly whenever the authorities demand it for audit.

With multiple factories, it is difficult and cumbersome to keep track of visitors & staff movement and most importantly maintaining a digital record of these movements for audit. Due to covid-19, there was a conscious effort to minimize contact between factories and different zones to mitigate the risk of cluster formation. The team realized the challenges of manually keeping records were too painstaking and costly.

After carefully studying the requirements of Sonoco, the team from Whizzl introduced DCMS (Digital Checkin Management System), a cloud-based digital solution with a QR code check-in system. Through the system, the team created multiple QR codes for the multiple entry points to record and segregate the visitors/staff at different locations and touchpoints.

Increased availability, reduced costs

With no special resource needed and no additional hardware or software required, Sonoco was able to digitalize its visitor and staff attendance system quickly. The system helps them to slice and dice the data, filter it for different locations and generate reports whenever the authorities ask for it.

The struggles of manual recording, human error and time-consuming process changed once they started using Whizzl. Whizzl DCMS, facilitated the management to easily track the staff and visitors’ movement because all the entries are geo-tagged with timestamp and location information.

Generate reports at a critical time

The ability to generate real-time reports in Excel format and perform any kind of checking and sorting to the data was the biggest advantage for the management team. The team no longer had to guess with the handwriting from the workers, everything became organized and easy for the team to manage and show to the authorities when required.

The whole thing changed when Whizzl came to our life where they introduced DCMS QR code check-in solution to us”

Mr. Tung Boon Fong  |  Regional Quality Manager  |  Sonoco Products – Consumer Asia/Africa

About Whizzl

Whizzl is a smart city management solution that enables businesses, real estate, and government to improve service due to improved data management.

The latest business solution that got added to a range of valuable premium services is a unique digital check-in system with customizable forms. The solution helps business owners to digitalize their business processes, manage customers including their feedback and appointments, and track services delivered or received by stakeholders.

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