McDonalds Australia Invited To Use Easy BVMS (Business Visitor Management System) Feature On The Whizzl App To Help Prevent Business Cluster COVID-19 Infections


Most of us have been to McDonald’s… It might not have been the healthiest choice, but sometimes convenience and price win.

Reading that 12 franchises of McDonald’s were shut down in Victoria, Australia, after cluster outbreaks in at least 2 (and potentially all 12 stores) from an asymptomatic outside distribution worker, shows the importance of keeping track of who has been present at your business – whether that person be a visitor, a staff member or a customer.

Would your business survive this kind of media exposure?


McDonald’s Forced Restaurant Closures

In the case of McDonald’s forced restaurant closures, an external delivery truck driver tested positive for COVID-19, but he apparently didn’t feel sick or show any symptoms during the time he visited these outlets, interacting with staff at each location. 

It seems the driver may have contracted the virus from a McDonald’s staff member at one of the stores, and then may have passed the infection on to other staff in other stores. “On Friday, Craigieburn Road West McDonald’s was shut for deep cleaning, and its 223 employees went into self-isolation after a worker tested positive to coronavirus.

“The employee was an “extended family member” of a worker at Fawkner McDonald’s, where a coronavirus cluster grew to 10 cases. The Fawkner McDonald’s was also closed for cleaning and reopened on Wednesday, staffed by employees from other outlets.” 

In new workplace regulations for Australia, all businesses are now required to keep a log of all visitors to their premises.

New workplace safety initiatives including online training and guidelines have been created, to provide additional guidance on maintaining employee and public health during the coronavirus pandemic.

This means businesses must collect names, addresses and other details of all visitors, customers and staff on the premises.  Instead of collecting this information on paper, you can use an easy BVMS (Business Visitor Management System) feature on the Whizzl app.


What Happened At McDonald’s Could Happen Anywhere

Let’s face it – what happened at McDonald’s could happen anywhere. With dire effects on the already-ravaged hospitality industry and small business in general, we need all the help we can get to keep ourselves, our staff, our customers and our businesses, healthy.

While a big multinational player like McDonald’s will suffer somewhat from negative media exposure with customers avoiding the stores for a bit, most probably their marketing team will ensure the fast-food restaurant chain will be up and looking squeaky clean in no time.  They’ll bounce back.  They always do!

How would your business fare with this kind of news?


delivery man walking with trolley in restaurant

Delivery worker in a restaurant in Australia.

Imagine a restaurant reopening in Australia with very few customers after a long period in quarantine… How would this business be affected  if the delivery guy was asymptomatic but turned out to be COVID-19 positive?

You’d never know, but the negative media attention could mean you’d be closing your doors permanently.

It’s really in your best personal and business interests to get the tool that’ll make it easier for your and yours to stay safe… For your own family safety and security, and for those of the people you need and rely on and their families, use the free BVMS (Business Visitor Management System) Feature On The Whizzl App.




Once you’ve downloaded the app for your business, simply keep the QR code in a central location so that visitors, customers and staff members can scan it, and register their presence at that business location by filling out the fields in a simple landing page.

This data goes straight to the back-end of Whizzl and is not shared with third parties.

There is no onus on guests to have to download the app, though of course they can do that too and receive all the benefits it brings like joining businesses’ communities, receiving notifications of upcoming specials, offers, events and a sense of belonging in these strange times we’re living in

In the event of an outbreak in the area, those registered shoppers and customers could be immediately notified. This means they could take affirmative self-care action like stringent self-isolating, watching for symptoms and eventually getting tested if needed. 


Protect People, Society And Businesses

Not only would this process protect individuals, including both customers and staff, but also society at large.  Effective communication to those potentially affected in a local community can mean literally the difference between life and death. 

And it can mean the difference between your business recovering from the recent quarantine forced closure, (where you’ve already suffered dramatic income losses), and it being shut down indefinitely causing most small business owners to look insolvency in the face.

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