Whizzl is a platform that offers various property management solutions.  In this article we focus on residential properties.  In a future post, we’ll explain in further detail about the benefits of using Whizzl for commercial property management also.

Property managers have a very difficult job and are often stuck in the middle of a tug-of-war between residents, boards and contractors. 

Sadly, most property managers still rely on time-consuming manual processes to ‘save costs’ on management software. 

To address this, Whizzl Sdn. Bhd. has come out with ‘Whizzl’: a free location-based social residential management platform, that empowers property managers with built-in features.  This eases the burden of managing properties and communities. 

Whizzl is suitable for all kinds of residential property types: condominiums, serviced apartments, flats, apartments, townhouses, houses in gated-and-guarded, Rumah WIP and more. 

Visitor Registration 

One of the commonly manually-processed jobs is Visitor Registration, which is usually time-consuming (and many security concerns arise). 

Most properties still rely on logbooks to record visitors’ information with no real validation of the visitor involved.  Whizzl introduced its Visitor Management System which increases the security controls on the entry and exits of visitors or vehicles into residential properties. It provides the convenience of allowing residents to register their visitors in advance, so they can skip all the hassles. 

It also allows security guards to verify that each visitor’s entry is authorised and validated by scanning QR Code upon arrival (generated by Whizzl which the resident forwards to the visitor). Together, residents and security guards can maintain a safe and secure residential environment. 

Facility & Venue Bookings

Facilities and venues within buildings can also be difficult to manage – from conflicting maintenance schedules to residents cancelling prior bookings. Another convenient Whizzl feature is Facility & Venue Bookings: a solution that takes the hassle out of managing these bookings, by allowing residents to instantly book any communal facilities online, in real time, using mobile phones. Whizzl’s facility and venue  booking system makes managing these spaces easy and simple for property managers.

Announcement Feature

Whizzl has a built-in announcement feature for news, notices and updates so the community can stay updated and engaged in what’s happening in their surroundings. 

For example, a community announcement that there’s a water disruption due in the next couple of days. A push notification is sent to make sure your community gets all your announcements – even if they aren’t reading your emails or notice boards.

In addition, Whizzl seeks to create a sense of connection and personal contact within communities by introducing an in-app chat feature, establishing a channel for two-way communication between property managers and residents. 

Humans have always been social creatures. Whizzl’s features heavily rely on geo-location to encourage users to build their own communities, especially with people who live within the same vicinity.

People turn to the internet for updates, news or anything that they are interested in. At Whizzl, we’re initiating social interactions within the community that facilitate the creation and sharing of contents, information, interests, ideas, suggestions and networks via our post feature.

The basic features offered in Whizzl are free to use. 

The premium services offered in Whizzl are based on a monthly subscription. 

Right now, they are available at NO COST with terms and conditions applicable. 

If you’re a property manager, contact us now about enabling FREE Premium Services for you before the promotion ends!

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