Social feedback app Whizzl (built especially for the property market but with a wide scope of applications outside of that), was voted by Microsoft for Startups as a Premium Qualified Startup, with a prize reward of $120,000 US in Microsoft Azure credits.  This is huge industry recognition, and means that Microsoft will be scaling this tech startup towards a dazzling future.

Many business owners, especially service-based businesses like real estate agents and property management companies, really struggle with the disconnect between health and safety issues experienced by their community of clients, costing challenges with owners, and their organisation’s capacity to keep up with all the information being fed into their inboxes. Not to forget the struggle to keep up with feedback and customer complaints via social media channels which are often unknown or forgotten as it takes some effort to track and manage public posts on those channels.

It’s a total headache.

Often times the outcome is not positive.  Tenants become disillusioned, feeling no one is heeding their needs.  Owners feel overburdened with the cost of repairs and maintenance (especially in markets where property prices are not booming) and the property managers themselves become the uncomfortable ham in the proverbial sandwich, unable to keep either party happy, satisfied and loyal to their business.

It’s a lose-lose-lose situation.

Whizzl, a new location-based social feedback app harnessing blockchain technology, gives all three parties the opportunity to get their respective needs met in one simple, easy-to-access place. And…(eventually) they’ll get rewarded for it!

Here’s how it works:

  1.   Property Management sets up a public or private online community on the Whizzl app, where customers, service providers (like tradespeople) and other relevant community members are invited to join.
  2.   A customer, already logged into the app, spots a problem in their property (e.g. a lift that’s not working), takes a photo, and posts a feedback notice in the community page.  This instantly advises all parties of the issue at hand.
  3.   The property manager can easily and immediately respond by notifying the owner, and seeking quotes from online service providers to fix the problem. The customers themselves can also monitor in real time the status or progress of their open post.
  4.   Once the problem has been resolved, the customer gives an online rating to the business, and the post is then ‘closed’.  This helps develop and foster positive reputations for all good players, and customers feel acknowledged and satisfied, leading to a successful and prosperous business.

This transparent approach gives everyone in the equation the opportunity to know exactly what the problem is and what’s being done about it!

Eventually, built into the Whizzl business model, is a rewards system where all good players within the community receive Rewardz tokens, for giving feedback, responding effectively and performing services to address the issue at hand.

This creates an in-app ecosystem with tokens being redeemable for further services, exchange into vouchers or even Bitcoin if that’s the preferred currency.

Premium Services like:

  • an integrated visitor management and facility/ venue booking tool
  • a survey form builder
  • 100% community announcement reach, as well as its attached CRM allowing access to analytics and reporting about feedback and service management

are additional advantages integrated in the one-stop-shop service-improvement platform.

Whizzl CEO, Mr Ken Wong says, “It was wonderful to meet with the Microsoft team at Slush* in Finland late last year, and we’re very proud to have been chosen as a Premium Qualified Startup.  This recognition makes us even more confident about our global service moving forward into new markets.”

* (A major event bringing together leading actors from the global tech scene)

Whizzl has been operating in Malaysia since 2018, and is currently pilot testing the Australian market.
Currently Whizzl is conducting a seed investment round, offering equity shares to strategic partners. Microsoft has put skin in the game, and now it’s time to open this opportunity to others!

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