Strategic Distribution Partner (Singapore)


We are looking for Strategic Distribution Partners to bring one of the latest and technologically advanced Business Solution Mobile Apps to Singapore: Whizzl!

Be ahead of the curve utilizing blockchain technology, be innovative and generate extra revenue. If you are well-connected in the real-estate and construction industry then you might be the right partner for us. Training will be provided to your team via webinar.

Whizzl was voted by Microsoft for Startups as a Premium Qualified Startup and will be available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace as part of the Microsoft Co-Sell and Go-To-Market program.

Recurring revenue share up to 10 years! All you need to do is to introduce our state-of-the-art Whizzl Digital Solutions to your network of potential users.

Learn more about Whizzl Products:



  1. Company incorporated under the laws of Singapore
  2. Must have experience in marketing and sales
  3. Contacting potential customers
  4. Fixing up appointments, meeting with customers and closing deals
  5. Customer onboarding
  6. Marketing materials and training will be provided
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Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.

Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.