Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is Whizzl?
Whizzl’s mobile app aims to uplift communities, improve the maintenance of city spaces and utilize innovative technology to foster a new sense of belonging in an increasingly interconnected world.

By leveraging smart city technology, Whizzl will empower citizens and their communities to make a positive impact on living conditions and quality of life for all.

How Do I Install the Whizzl App?
You can find and download the Whizzl App from Google Play and the App Store.
How Do I Create a Whizzl Account?

It is a simple process to create an account. You required to key in your phone number in-app in order to receive a Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) by text message for verification.  Alternatively, you may simply proceed by logging in with Facebook or Twitter.

Enter your username, phone number, email address and a password of choice. Make sure you use an active email address, as it is for communication and account recovery purposes. If you lose your login information, our support team is always here to help.

Who Can See My Post?
All your posts are public, hence anyone can see and share your posts. Only registered users can react to and comment on your posts.
How Do I Track the Feedback on My Post?
When your post is reacted to/commented, you will automatically receive a push notification to alert you of the feedback.
As a Property Owner, How Do I Claim the Ownership of a Property?
You can always claim the ownership via the app by selecting I’m the management from the property page. Your application will be duly reviewed to ensure compliance with our policies. An email will be sent to notify you when the review is complete.
What Languages Are Supported?
Currently, Whizzl provides English, Malay and Chinese localisation.

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