Marketing Agency Company

We are looking for Marketing Agency Companies which wants to provide extra income opportunity for team members. If you are a Product Marketer Agency or Reseller who wants to sell one of the latest and technologically advanced Business Solution Mobile Apps: Whizzl! Training will be provided to your team from webinar.

There is no limit to your earning capacity, continuous referral fee up to 10 years!

All you need to do is to introduce our state-of-the-art Whizzl Digital Solutions to businesses, property managers or developers to achieve your financial goals.

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Job Types:

  1. Part-time, commission base

Job Description:

  1. Flexible Working Hours
  2. Contacting potential customers
  3. Fixing up appointments, meeting with customers and closing deals
  4. Following up existing customers (recurring commission)
  5. Reminding customers about due payments, and performing several other tasks.
  6. Visiting prospect’s residence or office, presenting the products and benefits, handling objections raised by customers
  7. Marketing materials and training will be provided


  1. Company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia
  2. Must be at least 51% owned by Malaysians
  3. Must have experience in marketing and sales
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Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.

Let's Get Social. We're Ready to Connect With You.