Whizzl is a social feedback management app which gives co-working spaces the opportunity to easily manage their ever-changing communities of business owners, so that all information and management messages can be communicated in one simple-to-use digital platform, with announcements guaranteed 100% to reach to the entire co-working community.

Co-working is about more than providing a desk and chair for a temporary occupant.  It’s about creating a balanced, shared workplace where anyone can work in whatever capacity their job demands. Beyond high-speed Internet access and a place to sit, co-working spaces should offer atmosphere, comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Workers need to get more out of a co-working space than they would in a home office, coffee shop, or a traditional office.

Classic Co-working Challenges

Some of the classic issues experienced by groups of people working together in a shared co-working space include:

  • Lack of clear expectations for using the space so that setting and maintaining etiquette rules like taking calls in a designated room, being mindful of others in the space – common sense isn’t always so common
  • Misunderstanding leading to resentment and blame, especially when people have deadlines to meet and challenges to focus on – tempers can flare!
  • Shared resources can be dominated by one party or group (like meeting rooms, event spaces, kitchens and even photocopiers) while others don’t get a chance to book the room or use the resources
  • Need for monitoring of usage trends of the space by management to reduce overcrowding and potential friction between customers
  • Lack of peace and quiet and a lack of personal privacy
  • Leaving mess in shared spaces – expecting others to clean up
  • Things break down or are not working properly with no clarity about who to go to – internet, photocopiers, air conditioning, lifts, etc
  • Managers not communicating effectively with clients and customers creating further disharmony
  • Manager stress levels are high because they’re overwhelmed by paperwork and a groaning To-Do list, leading to staff turn-over which accelerates destabilisation of the working environment
  • Confusion about events and other networking opportunities, which are advertised in so many online platforms that customers simply can’t find
  • Tenants not paying their business rent on time (or at all)
  • Outdated emergency procedures for communicating to tenants.  Workers can’t easily manage the space without having to manually update all information regularly – potentially resulting in a danger to lives and wellbeing

The Solution

The Whizzl app is a platform created ostensibly for property management (but with varied applications across the board of services and community management based on effective maintenance and follow up of members’ feedback).

Whizzl helps people transform efficient workplaces from the old analogue model to a paperless digital version in the following ways:

  • Check-in for visitors at events using a simple QR code
  • Co-working facility booking system (meeting rooms, podcasting suites, gyms etc)
  • Visitor registration (super important in these times of COVID-19 tracking)
  • Car parking registration (so you know who’s in the building carpark without having to always employ a security guard checking paperwork and license plates)
  • Managing teams, projects and staff
  • Creating safe work environments through fast mobile announcement reach (specially in an emergency context)
  • Form-builders to create all kinds of digital forms including:
    • Surveys
    • Application Forms
    • Private Feedback Forms
    • Defect Forms
  • Digital Check-in Management System (DCMS) to manage staff and places
  • Appointment Management System to schedule meetings and business services within your managed community
  • And so much more – facilitating a truly easeful digital experience for all

Example – Co-working Management: a broken photocopier

Just by using the simple Whizzl app on a smart phone, you can take a photo of a broken copier in the co-working space (using the Whizzl cam with the inbuilt geo-tag feature) that shows the exact location where the photo was taken and when. You post this in the co-working community you’re a member of, and both management and other workers get to see the information.

The assigned community manager receives a push-notification automatically on their phone, informing them about the issue.  They can quickly change the status to let the community know they’ve received the feedback and that work to attend to the problem is in progress.

The steps to alleviate the issue that management take to follow through on your post, will be visual to all.

Eventually when the issue is resolved (and the photocopier is fixed), a service provider will send a geo-tagged photo demonstrating the machine is in order.  Eventually all parties get to give each other a rating, which will be stored on the blockchain.

This clearly demonstrates that management is using clear initiative, leading with solid role-modelling and providing effective responses, which are all well-rewarded with a positive rating.  This in turn creates more prosperous businesses for all involved.

Difficulties Can Be Easily Overcome

By introducing the Whizzl app for use in co-working spaces, many of the difficulties experienced by management and customers can be easily overcome since all parties are privy to the same information through the app, can monitor the process of dealing with feedback so that everyone can see the outcome and an equal chance to book facilities in just a few moments.

Co-Working Space Using Whizzl App For Office Management In Western Australia

The Hub – Claremont is a new co-working space for tech startups.  While the atmosphere is pretty relaxed, people need to be able to communicate with questions and issues, and management aren’t always available to respond immediately.

By using the Whizzl app, The Hub – Claremont can add all the members of the business community to their private group, questions and conversations can be posted as either feedback or a general post, and then everyone gets to see the information shared. The private chat and form feature allows for direct communication if transparency isn’t a preference.

Unlike other social online competitors like Facebook groups through, members can block out times for use of the meeting rooms, the podcasting suite, as well as booking and hiring conference rooms and other facilities.

All co-working members receive an overview about the other members in the community: what they’re doing, contact details and so on.

Co-working community members can also keep track of office visitors with a contactless check-in system. Whizzl’s new Intercom feature allows quick calls to important community management team members or emergency numbers.

What’s more, everyone in that group can follow a post to get all notifications and access to the progress status of any one feedback enquiry.

Could Whizzl be a useful tool for your office management? Contact us today and talk to a representative nearby.

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