In this year’s KPMG overview report discussing Proptech innovations in the Real Estate sector, there are over 595 examples of disruptive technology listed from all over the world.

“KPMG… wants to facilitate the emergence and development of the innovations that could shape the Real Estate and Construction market of the future.” ~ KPMG Report

The Whizzl app, a platform created ostensibly for property management (but with varied applications across the board of services and community management based on effective maintenance and follow up of members’ feedback), satisfies at least 4 out of the 7 categories of innovation listed in the KPMG report. This Malaysian-born international company plans to use blockchain and artificial intelligence to verify that that positive authentic change is happening.   We’ll explore these 4 categories in turn to show how…

KPMG Category 1

Digitising Processes

Getting customer feedback is both a necessary and at times, harrowing experience. Whizzl has digitalised this whole process with an easy-to-use social platform, so all parties in a business-customer relationship get a voice, fair representation and a means of proving positive pro-active responses to feedback provided. By honing this process into one place where all members in a given online community are equally privy to the unfolding of a solution to a reported issue, it makes it so much easier and smoother to effectively attend to customers’ and teams’ needs. From the moment disgruntled feedback is provided via the app, to the action taken to correct the issue by management, and the proof of work completed (via geo-tagged photographic evidence) from service providers, all information and communication is registered and transparent within a given community. This means the end of time-consuming paper trails and email chains that are often overlooked and overwhelming for all parties involved.  This overwhelm experienced by management staff due to time-devouring manual systems, leads to poor work efficiency, high levels of stress and a generally negative outcome for all involved, including revenue. By fully digitising the feedback process, and reducing overall stress, all players in the equation experience more positive and harmonious satisfaction:

  1. The customer providing feedback on issues experienced
  2. The property manager who sees to it that a professional service provider attends to the problem presented
  3. Quality service providers who win ongoing contracts due to work well done which is documented using the internal Whizzl app camera that geo-tags photos for authenticity and verification of location. (Soon Whizzl plans to introduce AI features within the in-app camera also to make it easier to identify the content of the photo.)
  4. Each of these players gets to ‘rate’ the other players after the finalisation of each feedback post, so that positive reputations can be built in the community, leading to better business and more prosperous outcomes for all. Eventually this reputation score will be stored backend using *blockchain technology.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to prove certain situations are true, since a machine records information and is not exposed to subjective filters that the human mind is prone to… By bringing in image-recognition AI software, the contents of in-app camera’s photo are automatically classed into a specific category.  For example, a photo of a broken lift will immediately be recognised as a ‘lift’ and this will also be noted backend within the feedback post. This combination of blockchain and AI is an effective way of ensuring the posts on the Whizzl social platform app created are genuine, and not fake nor photoshopped, so that all parties can be assured of the authenticity of the request/ issue. The Whizzl platform helps people transform from analogue to digital:

  • Buildings’ facility bookings (like pools, spas, gyms)
  • Visitor registration (super important in these times of COVID-19 tracking)
  • Car-parking registration (so you know who’s in the building carpark without having to always have a security guard checking paperwork and license plates)
  • Managing teams and projects
  • Creating safe work environments through fast mobile announcement reach (emergency context)
  • Form-builders to create all kinds of digital forms including:
    • Surveys
    • Application Forms
    • Private Feedback Forms
    • Defect Forms etc
  • Site Records for Property Developers
  • Digital Check-in Management System (DCMS) to manage staff and places
  • Appointment Management System to schedule meetings and business services within your managed community
  • and so much more – facilitating a truly easeful digital experience for all

Whizzl is the perfect example of how online tech-based Proptech applications can change everyone’s lives for the better by creating simple workflows and feedback management.

KPMG Category 3

Innovations in Healthy Workplace And Living

“…focus optimising internal working environments, from boosting air purity to office treadmills for walking meetings, to optimising employee satisfaction, health and productivity. ~ KPMG Report

By creating effective feedback management, instead of customers, contractors and employees getting increasingly disgruntled due to a perceived lack of caring by managing companies and property owners, each of these parties can get their individual needs met while maintaining an overall safer, healthier workplace and living space. It’s really easy to use and manage public facilities by booking within a community online through the Whizzl app.  This helps to optimise indoor working environments and increase overall satisfaction, health and productivity by making access simple.  It also means that feedback can be posted if there’s something within the gym, the pool or the gardens for example, that needs attention. By keeping physical work and leisure spaces safe, clean and accessible to all, there’s naturally a carry-on effect of reduced stress levels, and an increase in well-being plus a sense of being cared for.  This then contributes to an overall sense of tenants/ employees/ team satisfaction reflected in quality and effective work performance and loyalty. Whizzl is an integral communication innovative tool in helping to keep living spaces, workplaces and leisure areas well maintained, healthy and satisfying.

KPMG Category 7

Platforms to connect

“…allow users to connect and interact with stakeholders, such as buyers/sellers, owners/tenants, or construction and maintenance providers – increasing collaboration and knowledge-sharing.” ~ KPMG report

This is effectively the number one application of Whizzl – connecting and creating communities where all players can have a voice and see the affirmative steps taken to respond to requests for bettering working and living environments. Within Whizzl, communities can be either public or private, and all players can interact with each other.  Property owners, managers, tenants and service operators can all connect within one platform, which is soon to be backed up by blockchain technology for transparency and immutability. *Blockchain technology is a safe place to hold data and information which, once verified by agreement between all participants in the digital network, cannot then be altered, changed, updated or ‘doctored’.  This means that no third party can alter information provided at any time, no filtering of data nor manipulating of information to suit a particular agenda.  Once new data has been entered, it can’t be cancelled. Whizzl is effectively a platform to connect users in all types of communities – from tenants, management, service providers, teams in all manner of communities.

KPMG Category 8

Sustainable Innovations

“…focus on energy-savings, water-efficiency and circular economy in order to boost sustainability, support regulatory requirements and reduce cost.” ~ KPMG Report

By fixing problems in a building as soon as they are seen or experienced, from a leaking tap to a flooding sprinkler to a non-functioning air conditioning system, we are able to see the reduction in wasteful use of natural resources, cutting back on unneeded consumption so that the whole building, whether for work or residential purposes, becomes energy-efficient and more sustainable on the whole. Take this example across an entire densely-populated city, and across nations, and the application for reducing and effectively managing wasteful consumption of natural resources is mind-boggling. In addition, in terms of fostering a sharing economy, this is done most effectively through meaningful community communication and management, use and maintenance of shared facilities, instant communication with co-workers, managers and neighbours, so that everything from shared use of community bikes to upkeep of a community garden – can be managed within a group, through one simple app on your phone. Whizzl definitely provides a means for giving feedback to save energy and water – as well as a platform for sharing resources in a circular economy-type model in order to boost sustainability and save costs.

Example – Property Management: A Broken Lift

Just using the simple Whizzl app on my phone, I can take a photo of a broken lift in my building, (using the Whizzl cam with the inbuilt geo-tag feature) that shows the exact location where the photo was taken.

How Does It Work?

  1. I open my Whizzl app and create a feedback post
  2. I include a geo-tagged photo that I take using the in-app camera
  3. I explain details of the issue needing attention
  4. I share the post in the community of people living/ working at the building (for example)
  5. Everyone gets to see the post: it’s not random and there is full audience exposure
  6. The property manager registered as community admin automatically receives a push notification on his phone and gets news of the issue. Now it’s time to take action!

This post I created about the lift is public, and the response is also fully transparent for all in my building/ work community to follow. All of this information is stored on backend technology called the blockchain, which means none of my feedback can be ‘lost’, dealt with but forgotten, or ignored. Once my property manager has acknowledged and responded to my feedback/ issue/ complaint, and the matter has been attended to, they can ‘close’ the post and I as the tenant or customer, can leave a feedback service rating. Once people and businesses have enough data collected about their services, they gain a reputation score, which will reflect their commitment and value provided to customers, which in turn drives more business and success their way. This is the bigger picture of the Whizzl roadmap being unfurled over the next 5 years, with the implementation of blockchain technology and other innovative features being the key components to be offered to the social media marketplace. Whizzl not only reduces communication breakdown, but also improves safety within buildings due to its 100% announcement feature for fast notification to a given community within a building for example, in an emergency.

Rewarded With Tokens

Finally and perhaps most importantly, eventually all good players in this ecosystem can be rewarded with tokens. Whizzl is the first location-based social feedback system that allows all of us to have a voice, respond to the needs of others, and get recognised for that response in our local neighbourhood. Eventually, both those giving feedback and those responding, plus other players in the system, will be rewarded with tokens that give gratitude and acknowledgment of all positive community contributions.

* * *

Whizzl uses various innovative emerging technologies to create a new, more efficient way for Property Managers and Developers to facilitate transparency, ease communication breakdown, manage projects, teams and tenants as well as creating more safety through fast mobile announcement reach. It offers a wide range of professional tools for the real estate and building industry in an all-in-one platform solution which saves time, and money while providing more security. Ultimately Whizzl shows how property technology can help create more harmonious communities, so that we may all live in a healthier, happier world.

Contact us: Whizzl Australia: +61 (0)8 6559 5677, Whizzl Malaysia: +60 (3) 2710 1223, Download the app in your Play or App Store. Google Play Store: Apple App Store: Follow us on socials: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: